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Finally got a moment to finish coloring this freakin’ thing (the sketch of which I posted earlier here). This was my back-story for Riku’s hair cut in KH:3D - 

In which Riku says, 'it’s really hard to fight with long hair in my face, hey Sora, can you cut it for me? And Sora is all surethingofcourse.’

Only Riku brought the latest issue of Spider-Man to read during his hair cut and Sora loves Spider-Man (because a hero that has to deal with school-work on top of saving the world is something he easily relates to?) so he’s not doing a good job of paying attention while cutting Riku’s hair.  If this is how it went down, then I am perfectly fine with him having shorter locks. 

I’m actually in the midst of playing Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance right now, and goddamn these two cute bastards.  If these guys aren’t an official couple in KH:3, they’re doing the story all wrong.  …I’m cool with ‘em as best bros too, to be honest.  

But come on. You’re not foolin’ anyone, Nomura. 


The Kingdom Hearts Animated Series That Never Was

An animated series for Kingdom Hearts has been discussed frequently, usually as nothing more than wishful thinking. There were so many restrictions between Square Enix and Disney, it seemed like it would take a miracle to even get the project greenlighted, and don’t even get me started on how exactly they’d be able to cram all the details without making sacrifices.

The thing is, this project was actually a reality! Technically speaking anyway.

This news comes directly from Seth Kearsley, who posted storyboards from the un-aired Kingdom Hearts animated series in November 2013. Kearsley, a former director at Disney Animation Studios, was originally hired to direct and develop an animatic, as well as write the script for a test pilot back in 2002, when only the original game had been released. Although the pilot was received extremely well, the decision was made to scrap the project so as to not jeopardize the relationship between Square Enix & Disney as they began to expand the franchise.

SourceSeth Kearsley’s deviantArt

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